The Ginfusion story

We love gin. And we love the buzz surrounding this classic spirit right now, with a multitude of blends from distilleries across the world giving us new and interesting varieties of our favourite tipple. Most of us enjoy our gin with a dash or two of tonic, ice and a slice (and we do too) but, as we sat one day musing over the taste of a couple of different blends, it occurred to us that this fabulous drink deserves something more.

So we got hold of almost every herb, spice and aromatic we could think of, laid them out on the kitchen table and set about developing Ginfusion. The result is four carefully selected mixes to add an extra zing to your gin and tonic* and it couldn’t be easier. Choose your botanical blend from Spiced, Citrus, Rose and Tropical, add them to your chosen shot of gin, leave for a minute to let those flavours infuse and then mix with tonic, ice and lemon or lime if you wish.

Our classic tin contains 20 pouches with five of each of our blends and you can also order your choice of refills. Check our blog for news from the world of gin as well as announcements on future new blends. We hope you enjoy Ginfusion as much as we do.

* It works just as well with vodka too!

Founded by Rosie & Paul Niblock.

About us - Ginfusion Tin with Sleeve

For the latest Ginfusion new visit our blog….

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